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Be the Queen of your own Yoniverse

Womb Healing Course with Mary Magdalene 

Women go through so much in their lives. They are often the lynch pin which holds families together.

Often women are treated less favourably than their male counterparts.

This might mean:

Being paid less for doing the same job.

Being avoided for promotion due to their sex.

Not being ‘seen’.

Not being listened to.

Being patronised.

Being made to feel worthless, valueless, like they don’t matter.

Being made to feel undesirable or unsexy.


The reaction to this inequality is stored in the womb or the energetic space where the womb was.

If a women has experienced any physical trauma in this area of the body, it is stored there too.


The energy from both types of event gets held in the womb or womb space and the energy becomes stagnant as the psychic entrance to the womb gets blocked. This may lead to their being a wall between the woman and their body and she can begin to feel disempowered or unworthy. She may feel areas of her body are ugly.


The aim of this course is to enable women to gently release the trauma held in the womb and to reconnect with her body again, so she's able to connect with herself once more. The womb is an energetic portal which, when activated enables women to awaken their Divine Feminine inheritance and open the door to increased psychic awareness and a greater level of intuition - and all of their feminine gifts. 

My friend Corrine and I work with Mary Magdalene and have channeled this

course over a few months. 

The course lasts for 6 sessions and will take place in person in the Bournemouth area in person in the near future - contact Sally if you'd like to be added to the list or require more details. The sessions will involve experiencing a channelled meditation teaching about the topic and a simple journaling activity. 

Session - 

1. Join the Circle

2. Self Love

3. The Power of The Womb

4. Rites of the Womb

5. Heal Your Womb

6. Shine Your Light Bright


I will post with dates for this event in the coming months, please get in touch if you would like further information.

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