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Since meeting Sally a few years ago I've attended many of her online meditation groups and Luna Rose circles. These events have been so beneficial in helping me to calm and connect with my inner and higher self.Sally's guided meditations are so beautifully engaging I find myself basking in a healing space full of love and light. It's her aim to teach us the techniques to return to these harmonious places independently which through Sally's teachings I can now do.I've also had private readings with Sally which have highlighted her unquestionable accuracy and deep psychic knowledge. Sally's sessions are not for the faint hearted. Despite her beautiful cabin full of candy coloured rugs and cushions don't expect your experience to be sugar coated. The cabin is a safe, sacred space with divine accessories which enhance her work and where, without ego and the desire for monetary gain, Sally's truth honesty and integrity shine.Her prices for group and individual sessions are very reasonable. Whether seeking the path of spiritual growth or already walking your way, Sally's direct focus and holistic approach allow her to meet us where we are and here she applies her greatest skills...wisdom and discernment. I Ball.

Thank you so much for the very positive and encouraging channelling. I wasn't looking to have a reading, but I was directly drawn to have one with you - something I haven't had done in many years. I have worked many years as a healer, with angels, archetypes, energies and crystals which is something you didn't know but the whole reading was about this connection and you were spot on. Sometimes it is just so good to get the affirmation from somebody who doesn't know you at all, that you are on the right track and in these times with so much turmoil, I guess even more so. You introduced me to my dragon, which was the one thing I haven't really felt so connected to before, but I do now. Thank you so much!! The last little nudge from the angels, gave me the info how to clear a situation with a tool I already have, but with so many at hand, had somehow not thought of. Your energy is so lovely, positive and warm, it was such a joy and pleasure to talk with you. PG

Having had my first channelled reading with Sally, I have to say that I was really impressed. Sally had tuned into my guides prior to my arrival and had made many notes.She was extremely accurate in all messages that were given. I was told how best to move forward with my life and how to make better connections with my guides. Reasons for events in my past were explained and I was told how these things were important for my future development. I was given confidence in my own abilities, which was so reassuring. Sally's reading was very honest and accurate. The information that I received was given with humility and love. I would highly recommend a reading with Sally. JH

I went to visit Sally after a thoroughly high endorsement from a friend. I was extremely impressed to find out that Sally had already written down extensive information about me before my arrival which closely corresponded to the way that I was feeling at the time and mirrored certain events in current life.  This was the first time that I had been to a reading that did not involve a series of prompts through tarot cards. Sally did not require any visual aids in order to communicate with me about my affairs and advise me on what the future could have in store. I felt that Sally was thoroughly attuned to me and could hone in without any trouble on predicaments that were concerning me. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for her remarkable talents and insights in the field of clairvoyance. RS

I rarely gravitate towards readings, yet when I saw this post from Sally something sparked and I immediately scheduled a session. And wow! My intuition was correct as connecting with Sally was beyond wonderful and most joyous. The messages she shared were confirming, offering clarity and an infusion of enthusiasm. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to connect with Sally and look forward to future sessions. She is a lovely soul sharing herself with great compassion and brilliance. What a gift! KH

I met Sally about a year or two ago in a development Circle. She said she was starting a group of her own and she invited me to join, whilst still going to the other Circle I should say. I said yes and my life has been transformed since then!!Every week my daughter and i meet with other ladies on a Tuesday evening and i can honestly say that it is the highlight of my week. We are in a Mary Magdelene meditation group which builds each week, so it follows on each week.I also take part in Sally's Luna Rosa special Saturdays which involve cacao ceremonies, Reiki and meditation. Plus, Sally gives us thought provoking tasks to explore which also help with our development. Both groups are women only which mean that it is a safe place to talk in and it is good to feel that togetherness as women are coming to the forefront now in supporting each other at this time.I have also had a womb healing with Sally. In short i have benefitted immensely from Sally’sknowledge and support through difficult issues and i have valued her channelling . I see her as my spiritual doctor!! She’s my go to with any spiritual concerns that i might have. I also consider her to be a friend. She’s a lovely, generous and warm-hearted soul. I couldn’t imagine life without her in it and this testimonial gives me the chance to say how much i love her! Catherine

Sally’s guidance has been invaluable to me on my spiritual growth. I have worked with her for womb healing, spirit guidance and meditations.The womb healing helped me to clear years of trauma from failed relationships. Her meditations are like nothing I have ever experienced, and readings spot on. Sally truly is world class. Jenny

I started Sally’s spiritual development group in June 2023, and I feel very blessed to be a part of this amazing group. I have met amazing women who have become friends and I feel I have found my tribe! I have always struggled to see visual pictures in my minds eye. However, through our weekly meditation sessions, I am beginning to see outlines and colours. Furthermore, I have always been clairaudience, but through our weekly sessions my channelling technique are enhancing. On one session, I got told I needed to stop taking on other people’s burdens as my own. I needed to protect my energy and push their energy back. This has been a game changer for my stressful work life; I was ready to burn out! I am no longer allowing other people’s burdens to attach to my aura! I am now looking after my mind, body and soul. Finishing my job on time and detaching myself from other people’s burdens. What is more, I feel this would have not happened if it wasn’t for me starting this spiritual development group. These sessions are held In Sally’s cabin in her beautiful back garden. The cabin has a beautiful and pure energy feel. As soon as you walk into the cabin, you feel warm inside as if you have been hugged from the universe. The meditation sessions are deep and profound. Sally has a wonderful soft voice that I could listen to all day! Sally makes you feel welcomed, and you feel part of an amazing group of women coming together to grow your gifts and share your experiences. Sally is authentic and pure and her presence makes you feel energised. What is more, I am very happy the universe has put Sally in my path to help grow my spiritual gifts! Emma

I visit Sally monthly for womb healing, and these sessions have allowed me to finally release the attachments to past toxic relationships. Even though I knew these relationships were toxic, I would catch myself thinking about these relationships and thinking what if things were different. However, these sessions have allowed me to release these attachments and I know longer feel these feelings. This process is non invasive! Sally uses her amazing intuitive gifts. You will lay on a comfortable makeshift bed in her beautiful cabin in her back garden. Sally’s cabin has such a beautiful energy and as soon as you enter you feel safe and relaxed. You will lay with your eyes closed and Sally will work with her guides and you can feel the energy flow inside of you. I always feel revitalised after each session and Sally’s energy is beautiful and pure. So, if this is your first time having womb healing you will not be disappointed! Emma

I had such an enjoyable afternoon and felt supported and totally relaxed in this nurturing space. The sacred cocoa drink tasted heavenly and is lovingly prepared specially by Sally. The meditation and whole event was both uplifting and inspiring. Sally’s support and encouragement is second to none. Mary Magdalene group I really look forward to this weekly group. With Sally's help, encouragement and support I have grown so much spiritually. Sally's meditations are so insightful and have helped me greatly on my spiritual and life's path. The other people in the group are such beautiful, kind and supportive souls too. Big thank you Sally, Sarah.

Sally is incredible. What comes through is pure and beyond supportive. I trust and value her readings. She’s compassionate and kind and full of love. Katherine

Sally has really helped me connect to my inner femininity. I Used to find it very hard to connect to women and myself as a woman but through knowing Sally and sitting in her women's groups I have found my psychological blockages towards women have been broken down, dealt with and replaced with sincere love and respect for all that is feminine.Sally teaches and guides with love and acceptance in a space that is never judgemental or hostile. Upon arrival to any of sally's groups I have been to, there is always a welcoming and protective energy where I feel I can relax enough to allow deep spiritual progression.Cacao ceremonies with Sally are a perfect opportunity to take some well-deserved time for your own self-care. She creates a loving, happy environment with beautiful meditations and healing while imbibing the wonderful plant medicine that is cacao.  Beth

Sally is one of the most beautiful, kindest, and most heart centred souls. She is an amazing group facilitator, and her meditation group is on another level. I have been doing mediation for 30 years and many visual journeys, but with Sally's amazing channelled meditations, it's not just a visual journey but also physical/energetic. The circles she creates feel very safe, supporting, inspirational with great teachings. I love Sally's energy, her insight, and her psychic awareness. It is such a wonderful space for women. I also recommend readings with Sally, her gifts are phenomenal. I am very thankful our paths crossed and the sacred divine feminine community I have become a part of. Thankyou Earth Sista. X

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