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What I offer...

I have a range of wonderful offerings and ways that I can help you on your journey. Scroll down to read a little more about what I do and how you can book a session with me.

*note when booking from abroad, please ensure you are booking for

your timezone.


The Divine World Awaits

A Psychic Reading. 

Do you want to receive guidance from your higher self, spirit guides and higher vibrational beings who are working for your highest good? I work with my guides to give guidance, next steps and tools to help people in their spiritual development and daily lives.

In person or online | £45

Star Family Healing

A powerful meditation in which you receive physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

On-line or in person | £35


Womb Healing

Experience a gorgeous, nurturing meditation in which you connect with Mary Magdalene, release stress held in the womb and receive a potent healing and energetic unblocking of the womb area.

In person or online | £35

Spiritual Development 1:1

Are you looking to improve your skills and reach your full potential? Work with me and receive personalised guidance to unlock whatever you need- tips and techniques to deepen your meditation, connecting with your higher self,  meeting you guides or whatever you’d love to learn. Receive tailored tuition to guide your personal growth using my holistic approach.

In person or online | £40

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Group Spiritual Development

Join Sally and a community of like-minded souls for an evening of profound spiritual growth and connection. Prepare to elevate your practice and embrace the transformative energies of the Divine Feminine.

In person only- Tuesdays 7.30- 9pm| £7.50

Get  in touch with me to book and pay for your place.

Luna Rosa Women's Circle

Our gorgeous Luna Rosa circles take place monthly in my cosy cabin in Verwood, Dorset U.K.You are invited to join Kate White (amazing Reiki Master) and myself, with like minded women as we:​Feel held and supported in this healing space.


Be the Queen of your own Yoniverse

Womb Healing course with Mary Magdalene

The aim of this course is to enable women to gently release the trauma held in the womb and to reconnect with her body again, so she's able to connect with herself once more. The womb is an energetic portal which, when activated enables women to awaken their Divine Feminine inheritance and open the door to increased psychic awareness and a greater level of intuition - and all of their feminine gifts. 

Meditation Groups

Sunday On-Line Meditation

This gorgeous meditation group takes place on a Sunday evening 7.30 - 8.30pm (GMT). This is a truly international circle, with women from all over the world.

Each session starts with a quick catch up with each other, then we have a shorter meditation just to allow us to land within ourselves and let the stresses of the day to be released.

This is followed by a deep, intense mediation which could involve connecting to your spirit guide, your unicorn or dragon guide, or Mary Magdalene and the Grandmothers.


The meditation topics are suggested by the members of the group in advance and then I channel the meditations through before our session.

This way the circle has become a partnership between souls and has evolved the way the members want it. The sessions run in blocks of 4 and are £30 for 4 sessions.

Monday Meditation

This relaxing meditation group happens on a Monday daytime 11.00 - 12.30pm in my cosy cabin, Verwood, Dorset.

Each session follows the format of the online meditation group mentioned above and is a relaxed, informal group with lots of laughs too!

This in person group has a maximum of 8 people.

 The sessions run in blocks of 4 and are £30 for 4 sessions.

Get in touch with me to book and pay for your sessions using the contact form.

Trauma Informed Somatic Coaching

I'm a qualified Trauma Informed Somatic Coach.

I help people to experience life changing transformations.

Your bespoke package will include:

  • 1:1 coaching which is specific to you, your concerns and your experiences.

  • Powerful somatic practices, enabling you to connect to and release stress from your body.

  • Deep guided meditations channeled by me. 

  • Insightful activities to enable you to 'deep deeper', such as journalling and other tools to enable you to get to the root of the issue.

  • Tips and techniques to help you get back in balance.

  • Added psychic insights 


Packages start from £350 which includes - 

5 x 1:1 sessions either in person or online over 3-5 month period.

Resources you can take away with you.

Free access to my online Sunday meditation group for the duration of the package, (Worth £30 p/ month).

My expertise and insights for the duration of the package

You can book a chat with me to discuss your needs and see how I can help you. This initial conversation will give us both a chance to understand your goals and determine how we can work together effectively.

The booking tool doesn't have an option for a free consultation, so I'm charging £1.00!

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